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You can use the ring builder to see how the different diamond shapes will look in the various settings to find the one you like the most. Choose your ring band type/color Choosing the band of your ring is based on the wearer’s preferred styles. You have options from white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, and palladium. Because Bashford Jewelry is an eco-friendly, ethical jewelry company, we use high-quality, certified recycled precious metals to make the bands of our jewelry. Step 3. We Do the Rest Once you complete your diamond ring, you leave the rest to us to craft a ring sized just for you. While it may look like you’re choosing a readymade ring, what we will be doing is crafting a ring based on your specifications, so that you can present your partner with a unique, ethically-sourced engagement ring. Diamond Grading Report – One thing to note with your online ring purchase Make sure you can get a diamond report. At Bashford, our buyers can opt for diamond reports from any or all of the following grading institutes: Gemological Institute of America (GIA), European Gemological Laboratory (EGL), or American Gem Society (AGS). GIA is a for-profit company while AGS and GIA are non-profit organizations. You should note that these organizations use different grading standards, so the reports will differ. Plus, you can also get a CanadaMark from Bashford Jewelry report to certify the origin of the diamond to ensure that you are truly getting an ethically-sourced diamond engagement ring. Ready to start building your diamond engagement ring? The Bashford Jewelry ring builder gives you options to choose from when designing the right ring within your budget. So, start designing and let us help you create your own engagement ring. bashford jewelry Make your dream a reality with our easy ——